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We Check is a universal program that was developed to help protect consumers as well as industries so that anyone can quickly and easily identify whether or not a service operation is in compliance with all current laws and requirements set forth in the service industry.

When a company signs up and commits to the We Check program, they simply require any other tow operator to provide them with the necessary documentation to verify that they are in compliance before allowing them to remove any vehicle from their storage facility. This documentation is then forwarded to We Check, verified, then that company will be added to the appropriate list on the We Check website, which is available for anyone to see.

A tow company that is not in compliance puts their customers as well as other businesses at risk of being held responsible for anything that might go wrong. If a tow operator who does not carry all of the insurance requirements gets hurt while they are loading or unloading a vehicle on your property, or if they get into an accident while towing a vehicle, you could be liable to pay for any medical expenses related to the injury and/or any damages done to the vehicle.

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Have Confidence in We Check Towing Companies and the Tow Truck Industry

I want to thank you for visiting We Check. We are not only a consumer and business advocacy group; we’re a watchdog group for both and a referral service to help your business grow. We will concentrate our initial efforts toward the towing industries but expect to expand rapidly into other industries and trades.
Our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions by identifying businesses which offer value, quality service, and peace-of-mind. By the same token, we want to identify unscrupulous businesses which operate outside acceptable standards.
Consumers are placed in jeopardy every day by businesses that lack professionalism, integrity, and may even be operating outside the scope of state and federal laws. Their customers are constantly being “ripped off”, not necessarily because of a lack of state and federal regulation but because of a lack of enforcement. Working together we can fix this problem.
We Cheek can help “level the playing field” by working alongside and with our over-burdened government agencies which oversee consumer fraud and complaints; help responsible businesses continue their professional growth; and, help direct consumer dollars towards reliable professionals.

Unthinkable Towing Services

We’ve all heard the horror stories such as the tower who refused to pay for damage to a vehicle, not because he hadn’t caused the $ 2,000.00 repair, but because he didn’t have insurance; Businesses and individuals alike are facing uncontrollable loss every day because of others not carrying the insurance needed. Simply not carrying the insurance that is required or being allowed to conduct business with no insurance is driving up everyone’s insurance cost, putting some companies out of business and leaving some individuals facing bankruptcy.
To be forthcoming, I own several towing companies so that is why we are starting with this industries. We invite others who are interested in helping or creating your own advocacy, for your industry to contact us here.
For the moment, let’s concentrate on the towing industry. Unscrupulous towers have a multitude of ways to gain a competitive advantage over the professional towing company owner who abides by rules and regulations.

Illegal Vehicle Towing

Look at the list below. We estimate that unprincipled and corrupt businesses which use the listed methods to cheat you, me, the government, and consumers have a nearly $ 650,000 annual advantage over the legitimate business if the devious business owner has multiple trucks. Fewer trucks, a smaller advantage.
  1. Using multiple names on one license without a DBA.
  2. Continuing to pay drivers as contract labor while courts have made it clear drivers are employees.
  3. Carrying no workers’ comp on drivers or themselves (not illegal for an individual owner, but if injury occurs while on another tower’s property, that owner’s insurance would be liable).
  4. Forging paperwork.
  5. Not paying taxes on employee’s wages.
  6. Paying employees in cash.
  7. Not having adequate insurance or showing their tow vehicle as a normal passenger truck.
  8. Not carrying adequate insurance on their storage facilities.
  9. Towing customer vehicles with privately owned or “not for hire” trucks. In most cases, these businesses have none of the required insurance or licenses.
  10. Not paying unemployment.
  11. Not paying minimum wages and/or any overtime wages
  12. Not performing background checks on all drivers and owners (a major public concern and danger).
  13. Chasing breakdowns and/or wrecks which is illegal in most cities but still continues.

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