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David Lambert

David Lambert has been in towing for 32 years. He is President and lead instructor for the North American Towing Academy, providing on-site instruction and certification for towers. He drives for Courtesy Towing in Longwood, FL and holds 7 certifications in light, medium and heavy-duty towing and recovery; he is past editor of the AAA Towing & Service Manual; contributing editor and seminar presenter for American Towman magazine; and, past chairman of the SAE Towability committee. He has developed training programs for AAA, PWOF and NATA. David can be reached at 407-765-5149 or on website http://wwwTheNATA.com.

Reducing Your Exposure is KEY to Highway Safety

As a tower, you don’t have to be told about the dangers you face while working beside a high-speed, high density Turnpike, Interstate, or Expressway, but these locations still claim a majority of the 40 to 50 towers killed each year.

With traffic moving at breakneck speeds within a whisper, your life is in jeopardy every second. Drivers who use their cell phone are probably your greatest threat but there are numerous reasons why people drift out of their lane and kill a tower. While distracted drivers are part of the problem, you can be your own worst enemy if… Continue reading

Who Is That Towing Your Vehicle?

I’ve been asked to share safety information with those of you who visit WeCheckInc.com but I feel it’s important to start off with a message on how vital the role towers play in our economy and the well-being of those they service.


So often, it is the tower who clears the highway so goods and services arrive on time; how many gallons of fuel would be wasted if towers didn’t remove the wrecks off roads and highways; how would all that exhaust emissions affect the environment; how many people made it to work on time and how did that… Continue reading

Influencing Our Public Image

Towers and lawyers have several things in common. Both provide a vital service; people who need either are generally in a bad situation; some of the services they perform do not sit well with the public, and both would prefer a better public image. But unlike lawyers, we do have the ability to improve our image and have over the past 15 to 20 years, primarily due to our ability to communicate as an industry.


Communication was enhanced by the growth in state towing associations, trade publications, trade shows, training classes and the internet. Once we started communicating, we… Continue reading