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Michael M. Stine

Michael Stine has been involved in Small business in the Colorado Springs area for the last 35 years and specifically the towing industry for 30 years. Over the last 15 years Michael has been focusing on his towing company and has expanded its service to all of southern Colorado with a focus on customer satisfaction, safety,and speed his company has become one of the largest in the state. That focus has lead Micheal to start We Check, which focuses on protecting customers and other business that are affected by towing companies that are operating outside the laws and regulations of the towing industry.

We Check’s First Honorary Driver, Bill Bowser

We Check Inc. is proud to announce the induction of Bill Bowser as We Check’s honorary “Colorado Driver”. Mr. Bowser will have the honor of being our first inductee.

Mr. Bowser’s story has been well told. We will not tell his story again but will simply make some insights about his life. Mr. Bowser takes little credit for his accomplishments while still striving to give credit to those who believed in him through the years. When you talk with those whom he worked with, they give the credit back to him. “Bill Bowser never quit on anything.” This is the… Continue reading

WE CHECK TOWS…conflict of interest?

To our customers:

The reason for We Check is to allow you to make a good decision. The service we offer here is clear, it is for your safety and peace of mind and is at a fair price. It is just like going to the phone book and ordering a tow, with the exception, you can be much more comfortable about who is showing up from We Check.

To the towing industry:

There is no conflict of interest here. The worst thing is “you know it”. I received a call from a vendor today saying that some of you… Continue reading

HIRING!… Drivers

Hiring drivers is one of the hardest things that a company has to do. Most do it ok, some do not. In my career I have hired hundreds and have learned a few things because of it. If you get anyone who wore the uniform or served the U.S.A. and they will give you any of their former commanders as a contact and reference Make the call ” because you will get nothing but the absolute truth”. Many of these honorable people are going to be coming home and will need jobs. Next look for someone with a good track… Continue reading

Taking a Stand…towPartners

Many of us had the opportunity to read this recent article. This is well written and they seemed to have done good research. The only problem, even though it covered “Illegal towers” they missed the point. Once this problem is dealt with everything else will adjust. In any good debate if on the popular side you lay out the facts and if on the other you confuse the issue. That is what this article has done. In one of my recent post WORKERS compensation?(WC). I covered the cost of just adding the WC to an illegal operation (no research needed… Continue reading