We Check is a universal program that was developed to help protect consumers as well as industries so that anyone can quickly and easily identify whether or not a service operation is in compliance with all current laws and requirements set forth in the service industry.

When a company signs up and commits to the We Check program, they simply require any other tow operator to provide them with the necessary documentation to verify that they are in compliance before allowing them to remove any vehicle from their storage facility. This documentation is then forwarded to We Check, verified, then that company will be added to the appropriate list on the We Check website, which is available for anyone to see.

A tow company that is not in compliance puts their customers as well as other businesses at risk of being held responsible for anything that might go wrong. If a tow operator who does not carry all of the insurance requirements gets hurt while they are loading or unloading a vehicle on your property, or if they get into an accident while towing a vehicle, you could be liable to pay for any medical expenses related to the injury and/or any damages done to the vehicle.

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Required DOT

Are you looking for the DOT requirements?

We Check would have them here, but the regulations are so massive and long it would take to long for someone to  find what they are looking for. Please click here or on the image below to read the DOT regulations on their website.