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Should The Mayor Of Stockton California Get A Free Towing Break?

Many of us have been in a situation where we were parked illegally and simply unaware of it. Perhaps we just missed a sign that was posted in an odd place, or maybe we were just too busy to bother to look out for that handicap logo on our parking space. Whatever the reason, when most of us make this mistake the end result is that our car gets towed and we have to pay to spring it from the impound. It can be frustrating but parking enforcement and towing laws are something that everybody has to face, right?

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Tow Truck Dedicated To Fallen Soldier Stolen In South Carolina

In towing news today, a tow truck which was dedicated to a fallen soldier was stolen from a towing service in South Carolina. The truck was one of two that was removed from the lot of Red’s Wrecker Service last Saturday. It seems that these tow trucks have become a prime target for thieves who are starting to catch on to exactly how much they are worth. This is the fourth incident we have heard about in the last few months.


1285084_29015581One of the two trucks was driven by a tow truck driver who had memorialized the death of… Continue reading

New ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Game Features The Ability To Tow Vehicles And Trailers

If you haven’t heard of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series of video games, chances are you don’t have a teenager. The series, which is now on its fifth iteration, has caught all kinds of flack for its open world which allows (and encourages) the player to commit crimes in order to get by. The video game series is almost as controversial as it is commercially successful and the newest version of the game, Grand Theft Auto V, is expected to be the high water mark of the whole series. Of course, that’s only because it allows you to actually moonlight… Continue reading

Incident Demonstrates Extent Of Towing Intimidation In Texas

We’ve all heard those horror stories about illegal towing and even tow truck driver intimidation, but often times they seem to be trumped up or exaggerated. Well, that’s certainly what we’re hoping about this newest piece of towing news out of the Dallas area. Because if it’s true, it’s a prime example of all that We Check is striving to eliminate in towing culture.


1409594_29311718The story starts with Chris Stoffers, who had his car towed by a tow service that goes by the name Longhorn Wrecker. The circumstances of the tow were not detailed by the Dallas Observer which… Continue reading

Greg Little Proves That NFL Players Are Still Subject To Traffic Laws

The NFL season is underway and fans around the country are crowding around their televisions and packing the stands of their local stadium every week rooting on their favorite team. It seems that in this country, professional football players are revered as near-gods, on the level of rock superstars. But, let’s not forget that these players are just as human as you or I, and subject to the same laws and regulations as you or I (even though they sometimes seem not to be bound by the laws of physics).


NY state police officer pulls over a vehicle.Case in point is the Cleveland Browns wide receiver… Continue reading


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One of Bill’s Recovery Vehicles

I am going to start this story with a little bit of  background information.  Back in the day, around 1965, there was  a Denver police officer who was known as the “ticket king.”     His name was Blackie Schroder.  Blackie was a traffic cop and held  the record for the most tickets ever written in one day.  I’m  not exactly sure how many, but this was the rumor.


Most of the tickets that Blackie wrote were given out  on East Colfax Avenue–an area… Continue reading

Texas Towing Watchdog Helps To Keep Industry Honest

At We Check, our focus is to act as an industry watchdog to make sure that all towing companies are following the applicable local and state towing regulations and operating in a professional and ethical manner. We take our job seriously and we certainly appreciate it when we see other individuals and organizations united with us in this fight against illegal towing practices.


576082_19366376One such organization is Texas Towing Compliance. Texas Towing Compliance is a website and service operated by consumer-rights advocate Pat Johnson who has direct service working in the towing industry. Johnson ran a number of towing… Continue reading

Van Rollover Injures 15 And Kills One Outside Of Fort Lauderdale

In towing news, a major traffic incident in Lauderhill just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida resulted in 15 injuries and one death as a van carrying members of a Lauderhill church crashed on Interstate 75. Lauderhill is just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was also the site of an incident we reported on where a professor was run over by a towing company while trying to prevent his car from being towed earlier this year.


(photo by  iwanp via Flickr)

(photo by iwanp via Flickr)

This accident occurred as a van of churchgoers were headed to Tampa Bay for a Haitian Seventh-day Adventists… Continue reading

Raising The Next Generation Of Tow Truck Drivers

As tow truck drivers many of us have a real passion for what we do for a living. And why not? Towers get to provide a much needed service that is an essential part of living in an automobile obsessed society. They may not be as celebrated as other emergency responders and service men and women such as firefighters or police officers, but the services they provide are just as important.


1428222_97938178So, when it comes to raising the next generation of tow truck drivers and towers, how do we make sure that our kids see this profession as a… Continue reading

Tennessee Tow Truck Driver Suspected Of Hit-And-Run

In recent towing news, a tow truck driver who was employed by the towing company All-In-One Towing in Tennessee is suspected of taking part in a hit-and-run incident which eventually led to a high-speed car chase as the victim attempted to pursue the driver.


photo_2092_20070112.jpgThe incident took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee just north of the John Ross Bridge near the intersection of Frazier Ave and N Market St a couple weeks ago. Sandra Patterson of Chattanooga said that she was simply idling at a red light and the next thing she was aware of a tow truck driver had… Continue reading