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President of We Check Inc

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Meet the Local Towers That Are Making a Difference

We Check was established by a small group of local Colorado towers that wanted to see independent towers and large towing operations have a “level playing field”. The mentality in this group is that different towing operations should have each others backs and like wise, be able to call out those that are not operating their towing business with in set rules, regulations, and laws. Other Colorado towers have seen this movement are supporting the movement to have We Check be an agency that protects customers and local towers from fraudulent and illegal towing companies.

Independent Towers Are Taking a Stand Against Other Colorado Towers that Operate Illegally

To quote Michael M. Stine (President of We Check) these are some of the large issues that are happening in Colorado:

  1. Using multiple names on one license without a DBA.
  2. Continuing to pay drivers as contract labor while courts have made it clear drivers are employees.
  3. Carrying no workers’ comp on drivers or themselves (not illegal for an individual owner, but if injury occurs while on another tower’s property, that owner’s insurance would be liable).
  4. Forging paperwork.
  5. Not paying taxes on employee’s wages.
  6. Paying employees in cash.
  7. Not having adequate insurance or showing their tow vehicle as a normal passenger truck.
  8. Not carrying adequate insurance on their storage facilities.
  9. Towing customer vehicles with privately owned or “not for hire” trucks. In most cases, these businesses have none of the required insurance or licenses.
  10. Not paying unemployment.
  11. Not paying minimum wages and/or any overtime wages
  12. Not performing background checks on all drivers and owners (a major public concern and danger).
  13. Chasing breakdowns and/or wrecks which is illegal in most cities but still continues.

These actions will not go with out being noticed anymore and both customers and other Colorado towers will now have a definite list of companies that are in compliance with all of the current rules, regulations, and laws, and those who are not.

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